Restaurant Advertisement


restaurantThe way you choose your advertising can be compared to the way you pick your kitchen supplies. You need to invest in the right supplies like commercial refrigerators, just like you need to invest in the right advertising.

Just wrong move or investment can send your business in the wrong direction. Which is what brings me here today.

Here are some tips on how your can use good advertising to your advantage.

1)A big business uses it’s name and supplies to produces sales for the future. If you are a small restaurant you need to produce sales for the here and now. You need to include some special offers with your meals. Say you buy one platter, you get a second one free. Lots of eateries do this. It’s a really good advertising tool. Why not use it to your own advantage.

2)Restaurants can be a fickle. Some customers are not willing to put out the big bucks for a piece of fish. There are other customers who are not willing to pay the asking price. Still, there are other customers who are more willing to pay a cheap price than ask for the best quality.

Try combining both ideas into one. Try offering a cheaper alternative to a popular food dish. You could also try selling the dish at a lower cost. Using both of these ideas will cut down on the amount of kitchen supplies you might need. Your customers will appreciate you more if you do. Your bottom line will also be thankful to you too.

3)Another advertising technique is to combine several offers into one. Not many eateries do this. You could be a trailblazer with this, if you take it in the right direction. Take some of your best dishes and combine a family-style discount. This way you can still charge a premium price, without the customers feeling like they are not getting their money’s worth.

4) It’s time to trim some of the fat, both literally and figuratively. Take a look at your present ad space. Are there ads you really don’t need anymore? Are there ads you combine into one or two smaller version?

pizza hut advertisementSometimes revamping the ad space will go along way to bringing in some new customers. Customers tend to get bored with ads that get too wordy. They get bored if you go on and one about the same things every day. As I said, it’s time to trim the fat.


Any one of these simple advertising tools can turn brand eatery into a gold mine. The trick is to think small and grow from there. Just take one day at a time. Always remember that any sort of investment needs to be weighted with a cost-benefit analysis. Just make sure to keep a level head and your advertising will take care of itself.