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kitchen staffAfter you purchase all the necessary equipments at Restaurant Supply, you will need to hire a kitchen staff. There is a right and wrong way to hire a kitchen staff. Today I will be discussing how to hire a staff the right way. Let’s delve right into it, shall we?

There is a long-running battle between quality versus quantity. You definitely want to have candidates for the positions, but you don’t want to have people coming in and wasting your time.

Here are some things you can try.

Add some qualifications that might scare some people off. This is not a bad technique to use, if done in the right way. This will show you who is willing to put in the hard work and who is not.

Add in some questions involving certain situations. Ask how each person would handle a specific situation with a customer.

An example question could be:

“How long should you wait till you offer your customer water or take their menu order?”

These types of questions will weed out the lazy applicants. In order to get the job, each person will have to answer these types of questions. The lazy people will flake out at first glance. Most lazy people do not put that much interest in the details or going the extra mile.

Structure the application to include easy and hard questions. The harder the questions, the more people will drop off and not want to apply.

This is just one example of what you can do to improve your hiring process for the kitchen staff. The link below has more to look through. Don’t forget to visit our official site. Share your input and tell us who you handled the hiring process. You might just be helping someone out.


restaurant staff

It has become common practice to include the same range of questions for each job. Some bosses do this for their restaurant based on the concept of being cross-trained at some point.

This idea works in theory, but it tends to show difficulty in translation. When you are putting together the applications, always match up the questions to each specific job requirement. In other words, do not ask a potential dishwasher about preparing a three-course meal. Unless the person has done this before, they are going to have no clue.

If you are looking to hire a set amount of dishwashers, chefs, wait staff and other specific personnel, gear those applications to that job.

It might take some extra work. However, it will cut down on the number potentially bad employees you could get. This way you hire who you need for exactly what you need.